Business by Integrity, Management by Love

As an honest and law-abiding corporation, Everlight Chemical is committed to business integrity. We uphold the commitments we made and adhere to both domestic and international regulations and business ethics standards. With honesty, transparency and responsibility as our core business principles, our policies are rooted in integrity and designed to facilitate effective functioning of the Board, sound corporate governance and robust internal controls and risk management. We have also included supply chain management in our governance framework to make sure we deliver on our sustainability commitments and maintain business continuity.

Board Composition

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors consists of 11 directors, including 1 female director and 3 independent directors
  • Our board members bring a wide range of expertise: 9 directors have a rich background in business management; 2 in accounting and finance; and 1 in law and legal practice
  • Functional committees are established to help enhance the Board’s governance and management capabilities
  • The Board conducts annual self-evaluation and also receives regular on-site evaluation by an independent third-party. Adjustments are made based on recommendations from the third-party evaluator.

The Audit Committee, Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Strategy Committee are established under the Board to assist board members in fulfilling their governance duties.
Articles of association for each committee have been approved by the Board.

Functional Committee Chairperson Gender Number of Committee Members Responsibilities Minimum Number of Meetings Number of Meetings in 2021
Audit Committee Wu, Chung-Fern Independent Director Female 3 Ensure proper preparation of financial statements; oversee implementation and effectiveness of internal controls; monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations Once per quarter 8
Remuneration Committee Chang, Yuan-Jan

Independent Director

Male 3 Formulate and regularly review the Company’s policy, system, standards and framework for performance reviews and remuneration of directors and managers. Twice per year 4
Nomination Committee Yang, Way-Wen

Independent Director

Male 5 Formulate and determine the organizational structure of the Board and committees, evaluate their performance and devise guidelines for corporate governance practices Twice per year 5
Strategy Committee Yang, Way-Wen Independent Director Male 6 Review the Company and the Group’s mid- and long-term development strategies; review strategies regarding company vision/positioning/culture and the implementation of related strategies Twice per year 3

Approaches and Performance on Key Issues