Values of Sustainability

Values of Sustainability

Message from the Chairman

Working in the specialty chemical industry, we at Everlight Chemical are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations on green chemical products and supply chain carbon reduction. We continue to implement the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to provide sustainable chemical products that enhance user benefits.

As part of our efforts in promoting green chemistry and circular economy practices, we continue to introduce ESG management approaches, including carbon management and energy conservation and carbon reduction practices, to keep up with current trends and customer needs. We will continue to raise the bar for ourselves, expand our influence, and work with our supplier partners to pursue sustainability.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Everlight. We have set the goal of Celebrating 50 by Surpassing 10B that all employees will work towards. As we enter the next 50 years, in addition to operating a sustainable business, we will also pursue environmental sustainability, foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and domore in giving back to society.

James Chen Chairman

ESG Governance Bodies

The Chairman of the Board has been appointed to chair the ESG Committee and coordinate on Everlight’s sustainable development goals and strategies. Through ESG governance, we hope to gradually achieve our vision of “becoming a high-tech chemical group that helps advance the well-being of mankind.”

Organization and Responsibilities of the ESG Committee

Overview of Our Sustainability Accomplishments in 2021

【Corporate Governance】Widely Recognized for Outstanding Business Integrity

Ranked among the top 6-20% listed companies in the 2021 TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation
Ranked among the top 11-20% listed companies with a market value above NT$10 billion in the Non-Finance/Electronics category

【Environmental Sustainability】Promoting Green Chemistry and Circular Economy Practices

Received the 1st and 2nd Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Awards by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Taiwan
Everlight Plant III received the 2021 Circular Economy Award by the Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA)
Everlight Plant IV received another Green Factory Label.
Environmental management performance (please refer to our Environment page)

【Social Responsibility】Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility through Community Engagement and Industry-Academia Collaborations

Everlight Plant II received the high distinction award for its participation in the Taoyuan City River Adoption Program for Businesses

Each of our plants continues to support elementary schools and high schools in local communities through annual donations
The Company established the Everlight Award for Green Chemistry Research to honor the work of outstanding researchers in the field

The Company provides access to the Global Kids Junior Monthly and Global Kids Monthly magazines by the Commonwealth Publishing Group for 21 elementary schools in rural Taoyuan

【Supply Chain Management】Adopting Green Procurement Practices and Fulfilling Corporate Responsibility

The Taipei headquarters and all Everlight plants received green purchasing awards from the local government
All four of Everlight’s plants in Taiwan have passed follow-up audits for the Bluesign certification

【COVID Response】Devoted to Disease Prevention and Business Continuity

The Company has set up a remote work system and held multiple webinars, which have been greatly appreciated by our clients and featured in a special report in the 1757th issue of Business Weekly

Green Chemistry

Where We Started with Green Chemistry

Everlight Chemical is the first chemical company in Taiwan to obtain the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems (1996)
Following green chemistry principles, we have developed green manufacturing processes and environment- and health-friendly products to deliver greater economic benefits. We have also adopted circular economy practices to further recycle and reuse resources.

Our Green Chemistry Accomplishments

Everlight has been promoting green chemistry practices over the years. All our production sites have been devoted to putting the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry into practice and have seen great results.
We received the Green Chemistry Application and Innovation Award from EPA Taiwan in 2019 and 2021 and the Circular Economy Achievement Award from TCIA in 2021.
Starting from 2020, we have established the Everlight Award for Green Chemistry Research to encourage academic research in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering, which can benefit the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

Sustainable Products

Everlight Chemical values improvement and innovation. Applying green chemistry principles and with atom economy as a key metric, we strive to develop/manufacture safer chemicals and eco-friendly products to mitigate and eliminate the environmental impact of hazardous substances.

Starting from 2021, in response to market trends in low carbon transition, we have raised the bar for our products. Referencing the SASB Standard for the Chemical industry (Topic 8: Product Design for Use-phase Efficiency) and practices of leading international companies, we have defined seven key criteria for our sustainable products, which serve as an important frame of reference for internal and external communication.

Criteria for Sustainable Products

We are committed to making sustainable products and implementing chemical safety management to drive resource efficiency and low carbon transition.

We are committed to the following goals:

1. Ensure all chemicals used in textile, leather and footwear products are 100% compliant to the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL)
2. Ensure that chemicals used in other industry verticals continue to comply with international standards (e.g. REACH SVHC, RoHS Directive, etc.)
3. Raise chemical safety awareness among our supply chain partners
4. Provide sustainable products and contribute to environmental sustainability

We actively develop products with greater use-phase efficiency (UPE) to create value to share with our customers.
The revenue generated by our sustainable products accounted for 53.6% and 54.7% of our operating revenue in 2020 and 2021 respectively.
Looking ahead, we aim to bring the percentage up to 58% in 2023.

Progress on Sustainable Products in 2021

Developing Products that Offer Ecological Benefits

R&D expenses in 2020: NT$370 million
(4.8 % of our operating revenue)
106 product development projects completed in 2020

R&D expenses in 2021: NT$390 million
(4.3 % of our operating revenue)
67 product development projects completed in 2021

Chemical Safety Management

Implementing effective chemical safety management and demonstrating product stewardship

Provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Implement Protocols for Hazardous Substance Management

Utilize the GreenScreen List Translator (GSLT) for Better Substance and Product Management

Ensure Product Labeling Compliance & Hazard Communication

Product Health Index: Moving towards 100% Compliance Rate

Our Commitments

Zero use of conflict minerals


Work towards 100% compliance rate with international standards and industry requirements for all products


Work with supply chain partners to achieve a future of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals


1. Product Health Index: number/percentage of third-party certified products (as of December 2021)

Applicable to all products:
RoHS Directive: 100% / WEEE Directive: 100% / SVHC: 99%

Applicable to textile, leather and dyestuff products:
ZDHC MRSL: >99% / REACH Annex XVII: 100% / Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: >98%

Number of products certified by third-party organizations or brand owners (as of December 2021):

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): 206;

The Bluesign® label: 424

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC): 777

2. Compliant Product Labeling & Hazard Communication:

Total number of product safety and registration certificate applications in 2021: 1,313 (vs 1,214 applications in 2020 and 1,374 applications in 2019)

3. Integrating the GreenScreen® List Translator (GSLT):

To better understand the inherent hazards and safety of each chemical substance, Everlight Chemical introduced the GreenScreen® List Translator (GSLT) in 2021. This makes us the first company in Taiwan to adopt the tool. Twenty employees received training on GSLT in 2021, and we completed building profiles for 96 chemical raw materials and 17 products, documenting their sequencing and hazard information.

We plan to expand the GSLT practice for greater understanding of the health and environmental impact of our raw materials and products, which will help us develop subsequent measures and shift to safer chemicals.